How I built a simple and addictive mobile game in less than two days

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In this video, I will talk a little bit about how I built a simple and addictive mobile game in under two days using a game engine called Solar2D.

The game isn't very complicated, but I like how a simple game play like this can be fun.

If you help me to share this video so it gets over 1000 views, I will create a new video where I build the game from scratch and showing you line by line how you can build it your self.

Solar2D is a cross platform game engine based on a language called Lua. This is a very simple game engine to get started with and it's free! So if you want to get started with developing games for iOS and Android, Solar2D is a great choice. Many popular games like Fun Run, Ava Airborne, Zip Zap and The Lost City has been built using this game engine.

You can find the game on Google Play here:


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