How to schedule your WordPress posts? A step by step guide

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By scheduling your WordPress posts you can save a lot of time and it will make your life easier. Read this post to learn how you can schedule your posts and pages.

WordPress has the ability to schedule posts to be published out of the box. It's a built in functionality, so there's no need for an extra plugin for this. This is a very helpful feature not everyone knows. With the ability to schedule posts, you will get a much better control over your content and it makes it super easy to follow a specific publishing plan.

In this guide, we will cover how to schedule and unschedule a post. Keep reading and let us know in the comment section if you've got any questions.

What can I use a scheduled post for?

When you're starting a blog, a publishing strategy can be very important. Posting on the same day or days every week means that your visitors know when they can expect new content. Even search engines like Google like to know this.

With the ability to schedule weeks ahead when you want your posts to be scheduled means that you can write 5 articles one day and have them published at the best possible time without you having to worry about it.

Let's say you want to publish two or three articles per week, but your vacation abroad for two weeks are coming up and you don't want to spend your lazy days there writing and publishing posts. If you work extra hard before the vacation and finish some extra posts, you can just set the scheduled date and time you want it to be published. This way you can relax and know that your readers gets fresh content on your blog every week.

Or let's say that most of your visitors lives in a different time zome than you. Maybe you want your articles to be published one hour before most of them are starting to head to your site. With scheduled posts, this is a no brainer.

How do you scheduled a post?

Scheduling a WordPress post almost couldn't be any easier. If you haven't done it before, it might be a little bit hard to just guess how to do it and how it works. But don't worry, this guide will teach you everything you need to know. Once you have finished writing your post, click the "Document" tab in the right column.

Open the "Status & Visibility" panel and click the "Immediately" link. It's located right next to the "Publish" option.

When you click it, a date and time picker will show (just as in the picture above). Select the date you want the post to be published in the future by clicking inside the calendar. I suggest that you pick the time first and then the date.

As a little side note. If you want to change the date of a previous published post, it's possible to select a date from the past.

When you selected a date, the popup window closed automatically. And if you look at the top of your editor window, a "Schedule" button should be visible.

The last step now is to click the "Schedule" post and just wait for WordPress to do rest of the magic when the date and time comes.

How do you unschedule a post?

Sometimes you have scheduled a post, but before the time came, you decided to post it manually instead. To do this you need to open the post and change the status from "Scheduled" to "Draft". You do this by clicking "Switch to draft" and the top of the editor window.

A new popup will open and you need to click "OK".

The last step you need to do is to click the date inside the "Status & Visibility" panel and select a date earlier than right now. When you've done that, the "Schedule" button should be replaced by a "Publish" button.

And that's everything you need to know about unscheduling a scheduled post.


If you run in to any problems, one of these tips might help you on the way. If not, feel free to leave a reply, and I'll answer it as soon as I can!

-Can you schedule pages?
Yes, this works in the exact same ways as scheduling posts.

-What do I do if WordPress misses a scheduled post?
WordPress uses a system called WP Cron to publish scheduled posts and pages. There might be a error or something else on your hosting server which can cause the WP Cron to not run. If the WP Cron doesn't run, WordPress will never know when to publish the post.

-Is is possible to see all the scheduled posts?
Yes, that's no problem. Just go to your WordPress dashboard and click Posts -> All Posts. Click the "Scheduled" link above the table with all the posts. This will show a filtered lists of scheduled posts.

-Is is possible to schedule changes to a published post?
Not by default no. Scheduling only works for unpublished posts and pages. But if you really want this functionality, you can install a plugin called Tao Schedule Update. This will make it possible to change a post and schedule when you want the change to be published.


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