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PixiJS is a 2D HTML5 rendering engine, and it's really powerful. The rendering engine has full WebGL support, but it can also fall back to normal canvas when needed.

PixiJS was made to make it possible to create rich, interactive graphics, cross platform applications, and games with an insane performance. Since PixiJS is cross platform, you can build games and apps with just one code base.

You can build almost anything you want with Pixi.JS. It's a really incredible library and I hope I can help you learn more about it.


There is a lot of cool things built with PixiJS, here is a list with some of them.

What you will learn

During this introduction, I'm going to cover the basics like setting up a project, how you load and show textures, text, the graphics API and a couple of more modules.

This tutorial series assumes that you already have a basic understanding of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Eventhough I assume that you already know the basics, I'll try to explain everything as good as I can. I'm really looking forward to post more content tomorrow when you will learn how to install / set up Pixi.JS.


Jack Mar 01, 20 07:32

Hello Tim! Nice to see that you started to publish your tutorials, looking forward to the rest.

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