My SEO project - month two - recap

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It's been two months since I started to publish daily articles on my blog. Here's how it's been going so far.

The expectations

The first month for my blog hit all the expectations I had, so I had to increase these a little bit. Even though I increased my goals, I still hit all of them.

The results

During April, I had around 280 visitors and 900 page views. 13 of the visitors came form search engine and that is 6 more than the goal was.

I've published around 60 posts so far and I'm going to continue posting one tutorial/post each day.

The next month

For May, I've increased my goals yet again. I hope to reach 330 visitors where 20 of them should be organic visitors.

I hope that the number of organic visitors will continue to climb. When I see the results in Google Search Console I can see that the number of views are increasing week after week, so I guess that the number of clicks will follow.


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