Only a few more days until launch

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It's late February and it's only a few more days until I start posting my programming tutorials here on this blog.

When I came up with the idea for this blog, I knew I had to create a lot of content. It's not necessarily easy to write one post each day. So before I was going to launch it, I made a promise to my self that I had to have 30 posts ready to publish before I started posting them.

Since I now have 30 short tutorials ready to publish, I'm ready to start posting them. This has bought me some time and I can start creating the content for April.

SEO and statistics

I want this blog to be mostly about programming and tutorials, but one of the reasons I'm starting this blog is also to learn more about SEO. I might post a few posts now and then about how it goes, what I have done and similar here on this blog.

But since I want to make this blog mostly about programming, I will track my progress at my product page at Indie Hackers.

Stay updated

There's multiple ways you can stay up to date on my content. I have a twitter account (@timniets) and I have a newsletter you can subscribe to below.

And of course, you can pop in to my website daily to check out the newest post :-)


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