Relaxing while programming

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Programming can be really stressful because it can be so intense. Strained eyes and soar neck are very common.

Listening to relaxing music

What I like to do while programming is either to put on some really relaxing music on YouTube like this: or putting on some really noise music like Skrillex on Spotify.

What do you like to listen to while programming?

In my opinion, it either has to be something really noise or something really calm.


Take a couple of minutes every hour to stand up and strecth. Try to stretch as much as possible of your upper body, shoulders and arms as possible.

Walking for a couple of minutes is also very good for you.

Eating or drinking

It's important to both eat and drink enough. I like to take a couple of minutes now and then to look out the window while drinking some coffee and just try to think about as little as possible. Almost like meditation.

Your tips?

What is your best tip for relaxing while programming?


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