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I've been posting almost 50 tutorials since I've started March 1st. Here are the most popular posts of them.

Number one

The most read article on my blog is How to design good Django models. This is an article where I show you how to set up the perfect model structure.

Number two

On second place, you find the first part of my Django blog series: How to create a simple blog using Django 3.

Number three

If you want to learn how you can use Django and Vue.js together, this is the post for you: Combining Django and Vue.js - Everything you need to know.

Number four

Optimizing Django's database queries is something you will need to know when building big sites. Optimizing Django database queries.

Number five

At place number five, we find the second part of my Django blog series. Have you started building your blog yet?
How to create a simple blog using Django 3 - part 2.


I've been posting about a lot of different subjects on my blog, but clearly, Django is the most popular subject. I love Django, so there going to be a lot of more Django content coming up :-)


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