The tech stack behind Tim Niets

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In this post I'll tell you all about what I used to build my blog and how it's hosted.

The frontend

The frontend of Tim Niets is really simple. It's HTML, CSS (Scss) and a little bit JavaScript. I used a CSS framework called Bulma. I have made a few small tweaks to the default CSS from Bulma, but that will change over time. I don't think there is any point of using too much time on the design yet.

The backend

The backend is build using Django. I don't have a fancy CMS or anything similar, just the good old Django admin interface.

I have exacly three Django models. One for the posts, one for the comments and one for the categories. So the backend is also really simple for now. I will probably keep building on this and possible build a very simple CMS to make the publishing even easier.

The hosting

I have used Digital Ocean for years and I really love it. They are really cheap, the customer service is great and you can choose the location of your data center.

If you want to try Digital Ocean for free, click this link. This is a referral link. If you click it and sign up, you will get $10 to use. This will last you two months on their cheapest servers.


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